Ep. 1 of Digitals: Fragility

The Digitals series focuses on overlooked blips in pop-culture and exploring the moment in short prose. The first Episode of Digitals covers Kanye West and Kid Cudi at the Saint Pablo Tour in Sacramento. The next day Kanye would be admitted to UCLA hospital for psychosis.

He lifted his head in a dream that never stopped. Letting tears fall to the weight of another before the bird’s eye caught a pic. The flashing from the stands gave him headaches and small bouts of euphoria, so he absorbed the pain and became addicted long ago. From the upper stands he swore he could hear a woman yell “2020!” and his eyes shot open. His boy ignored this spasm, and wrapped those arms tighter around him, and produced a large smirk that broke everything even. “I just want to cry,” he thought, and proceeded with the wet-works until Cud said something that made him laugh, reminding him of the mic in his hand and the people he owed. In the mist and the amber lights his facial expressions were fairly ambiguous to the crowd unless he floated directly over them. This was something he considered beforehand.

The drum roll looped back to the chorus and he shook everything off, even the tears on his cheeks. Fading back into the music his verses echoed past the ceiling and into the nimbus and cumulus. It was as if the whole world was really his making, and his knees buckled before it. “It’s a house of mirrors” he whispered to himself, meaning to speak into the microphone but his shoulders were shot and his body needed to take a second. A build up of acids in his hamstrings kept him still on the oscillating platform.

“Beautiful morning!” he shouted.

“Beautiful morning!” they echoed.


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