Ep. 2 of Digitals: We All Try

The Digitals series focuses on overlooked blips in pop-culture and exploring the moment in short prose. The second episode of ‘Digitals’ looks back at the year 2013. Both Frank Ocean and Chris Brown were nominated for a Grammy in the “Best Urban Contemporary Album” category.  Two weeks prior Ocean and Brown allegedly got into a brawl outside of an L.A. studio over a parking spot. Frank Ocean went on to win the Grammy over Chris Brown.

        “Be above it. Be above it. Be above it.” He repeated this to himself, avoiding what he saw in the peripherals: heads tilted with slight smirks, and eyes darting back and forth between the two artists turned adversaries. Frank kept his eyes straight and the let the claps drown everything else out. The lights felt like lasers and beads of sweat seeped through the silk and cotton shirt. His heart was a hyperbole as it sank and rose with each step until he wondered what his face looked like to everyone. He felt that the subtle use of foundation was beginning to peel off his forehead due to the sweat. On the podium he saw pristine heads bobbing behind clapped hands, his momma holding back tears of joy, and Chris seated up front, splayed out in a defiance that felt self-defeating so he smiled because he was above it. He wanted momma to see the best of him and nothing else. The golden gramophone was placed in his hands, and he gripped it tightly till his scarred finger was sore. He leaned towards the microphone and took a breath. His mouth split open and the whites of his teeth spread with joy because everyone was so beautiful; everyone was so small.


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