Ep. 9 of VideoTime: BROCKHAMPTON

So far, Kevin Abstract and his band BROCKHAMPTON have had a stellar 2017. Recent songs like Lamb and Star show that the California boys have the range for your floral summers, and your weird nights.

Episode 9 of VideoTime features the boyband’s colorful video for GOLD.

For more BROCKHAMPTON, check out their debut album, Saturation and their aptly titled show on Viceland: American BoyBand.


Debt Free Mix No. 4: Blonded

Listen to episode 4 of DFP mix, inspired by Frank Ocean’s Blonde:

Ocean  on Blonded Radio: Thats right, now tell these muffaccas…uhm…what the house warming party gonna feel like, cause I feel like we need it to be about..uhh..large pictures, wide frames, panoramic views, and about 78 degrees. ‘Cause we don’t need that cold shit. This is for the sunlit muffaccas in the building.

Where’s Earl?

Thebe Kgositsile, aka Earl Sweatshirt last released a project in the spring of 2015, aptly named “I Don’t Like Shit, I Don’t Go Outside”. The album was lean with only ten tracks. It came out a week after Kendrick’s critic darling To Pimp A ButterFly, an album Earl himself praised in interviews, explaining how the Compton rapper’s project allowed his own artistic expression to be more free and natural by occupying a space in modern rap that sorely needed filling. Earl’s album, despite the gloomy subject matter, received positive reviews and seemed like the right step forward for a young talent coming into his own and building an identity outside of the infamous group Odd Future.

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